Basket of Eggs

Fresh Eggs

We’re happy to share the joy of our chickens with our neighbors by way of fresh eggs. Here’s how it works.

  1. We will deliver eggs by the dozen weekly to homes on Wilmer Road, Lexington Drive, Kensington Drive, and parts of Cox Maddox.
  2. The price is $5/dozen.
  3. You have the choice of selecting washed or unwashed eggs.
    • Unwashed – you can leave them out of the refrigerator for some time
    • Washed – you will need to refrigerate them
  4. Fill out the contact form and we will reach out to you weekly to see if you would like to order eggs and if so, the day that we plan to deliver.
  5. We can deliver via porch drop-off or in-person.
  6. We can take cash or Venmo for payment.

Let’s Get Started!


    How often do you collect eggs?

    We collect our eggs daily.

    Can you guarantee eggs every week?

    The frequency at which chickens lay eggs depends greatly on the weather. There may be some weeks when the egg inventory will run low.

    How do you wash eggs?

    Place eggs in a bowl and fill the bowl with luke warm water so that the eggs are fully submerged. One by one, gently wipe the eggs with a wet paper towel, place in a strainer, and rinse with warm water at least 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I put a little dishwashing liquid on the paper towel to wipe the eggs with soap before rinsing. This is just my preference. Do not leave the eggs submerged in the water for a long time and if you choose to use soap, rinse immediately as the shell can absorb chemicals.

    If you choose to look up “washing eggs”, you will find recommendations from not washing the eggs at all to using a bleach solution. With a small backyard operation, you should be safe no matter your choice. One constant is to always wash your hands after handling the eggs.

    The purpose of submerging the eggs in water allows for any eggs that are not good to eat to float to the top. Those eggs need to be discarded. Our eggs are collected daily and it is very rare that a “bad egg” shows up, but it can happen. Some people actually go through this process for eggs bought at the grocery store as well.

    How long can unwashed eggs stay out of the refrigerator?

    Unwashed eggs can remain unrefrigerated for two or more weeks. Unwashed eggs placed in the fridge will last for three months.